June 08, 2013

The Crew

Hello my peoples! What it do?
Here are some pictures of my friends that came out of town for graduation parties and anniversaries. This is my crew, my ride or dies, the homies! One of them is a hip hop blogger doing really big things! Go check er out.

Welcome to my crew! Check out my friend Hanifat, lil mama in the pink blazer at The New Classic Era. Until we meet again my loves! 

May 31, 2013

Come To The Dark Side

Close your eyes for a second, and just think about your favorite lipstick. Makes you happy right? (C'mon we don't judge here!)I've found the most beautiful color. Cyber by MAC. it goes with my hair and just my being, perfectly! I love how it looks almost black but its not and different liners can make it look darker or lighter as well. I added Maybelline's Oh La Lilac to it to lighten it up a bit in the center. You don't have to do that but its just an idea. Oh la la is right my peoples, this is a breath taking color. I'll do it proud.

I was just feeling myself way too much! Oh well its perfect. Sorry for the long wait! Work was tiring me out, oh well, that's life. Until we meet again, thanks for the love!

May 22, 2013

My New Favorite Song

Yo yo! What it do you lovely people? So I was in forever 21 today shopping for work clothes and heard the voices of angels. When i say angels I mean the band Treefight For Sunlight! If you know them cool! I know I'm late but this song "Facing the Sun" has been ringing in my ears all day which isn't to bad. The song reminds me of me in every way. Up beat, cool, weird and just everything in between. I urge you if you haven't listened to the song before to please just take a listen. It wont take long, plus the video is interesting!

A gift of happiness from me to you!

May 20, 2013

Revlon Palette: Day 3

Well dayum Dammy! Its about time! I know I know I'm sorry. So many things have went on since the last post. New job interviews and classes.. ya girl has been ohh to busy. However, I have this vampy look from the same pallete. I cheated a little because I added black from another palette. But its all good, the look will come out just about the same if you add a lots of brown. 

Here is the final look to this series! Hope you enjoyed and thanks for viewing!

May 14, 2013

Revlon Palette Makeup: Day Two

Hello! welcome back or if this is your first time on this blog, welcome to THEUNIQUE28! As I had promised yesterday, I would do three looks using the Revlon Palette I had just purchased. This look today is more bronzy because I'm not using the pink but the gold glitter and dark brown.

 WARNING: The glitter is messy! Use with caution! Also, I didn't not try to ombre or lighten my lips, I just put that gold in the center of my lips, rubbed them together and there you go. I just wanted something different from just a plan color. But if you don't like it, you don't have to do it.  

Hope this helped some beautiful person out there. Help spark your imagination!This look is different than what I would usually do but I need to step out of my comfort zone once in a while. A piece of glitter fell on my nose and looked like a stud, that got me really thinking.. should I get a nose ring? Random.. yes!
 Thanks for the love! See ya tomorrow!

May 13, 2013

Revlon Prom Makeup: Day One

Hello lovely people! So today I bought this  palette from Revlon that has fairly good bright tones. I'm not the type that likes palettes honestly but the whole point of me buying it was to show that different looks can be made with a small palette. If you're darker in complexion like myself, the best way to get the most color possible is to wet your brush first, and then pick up the color you want. This look is sweet for prom especially if you're not looking for something way to dramatic. I didn't really do anything to my face, its all about the eyes and lips.

Hope this could have been some kind of help to someone out there. If not, hay you, thanks for reading. It means a lot. Also if you haven't seen my latest fashion blogger post, click HERE

May 11, 2013

One Unique Blogger: Kacie's Kloset

 Hello my people's! Here is a fantastic blogger that I would Like introduce to you all by the name of Kacie from Kacie Kloset . Check her out! 

1. Tell the readers about your blog, like when did you start and what you post?
April 16, 2012 was my very first blog post. I post photos of my outfits and include a fun little story with each post.

2. Why did you start blogging?
After launching my online clothing store, Daisy Rae Boutique, I began following a few different fashion blogs. I thought it looked like a lot of fun and would be a great way to showcase some of the items from my store. I have loved every minute of blogging!

3. So what equipment do you use to take your pictures?
My husband takes all of my pictures using the Nikon Coolpix P510. It’s a great camera and doesn’t cost too much. 

4. What influences your style?
I get fashion inspiration from a lot of different sources. I love seeing what my favorite celebrities are wearing. My top three style icons who always look amazing are Emma Stone, Jessica Alba, and Olivia Palermo. I’m also influenced by magazines, bloggers, tv shows/movies, and colors I see in nature. 

5. What inspires you day to day to blog?
I started my blog to introduce people to my store, Daisy Rae Boutique and that continues to inspire me. I also love sharing my outfits and connecting with other bloggers. I work from home, and sometimes nobody but my dogs and husband see my outfits. Blogging gives me a reason to get dressed everyday and gives me more people to talk to than my dogs. 

6. Who are your favorite designers?
I honestly don’t have a favorite designer. I like a mix of everything. 

7.  What are your aspirations for your blog?
My blogger idol is Kendi from Kendi Everyday. If my blog were to be as big and amazing as hers, I’d be happy. But my main focus for my blog is to help gain exposure for my store, Daisy Rae Boutique.

8.  What helpful advice would you give to other fashion bloggers? 
I think the most important thing is to be yourself and have fun with it.

Hope you enjoyed! Check her blog Kacie Kloset and online boutique Daisy Rae Boutique!

May 06, 2013

Here I am! Job Interview Makeup

Well I thought this would be appropriate for a lot of people especially my college loves who are trying to get jobs for the summer like myself. Or heck, any woman for that matter. Here is a really simple look that I think will just make you glow on your job interview. Here is a look that just glows, makes me look as natural as possible but yet you can tell there is a little something there. Due to my darkness -___-, and the darkness in my room, I couldn't get the right lighting to show you the contoured cheeks or the soft pink lips but, you get the picture. P.S.A!! This is my first time using a liquid foundation and I'm pretty impressed. However, it can clog pores so I'll just stick to my 1 pump concealer to 2 pump primer routine. 

Lips- Maybelline Color Whispers ChiLa Lilac and Victoria Secret Better Than Bare
Eyes- Maybelline Color Tattoo Bad to the Bronze
Foundation- Revlon Fit Me #355
Highlighter- Maybelline Color Tattoo Too Cool
Eyeliner- Almay Black Pearl 

I know, I know mad simple but effective. From what the BOSS told me aka my mother, she said too much is a distraction to the interviewer and he or she wont really focus on you. But a little makeup never hurt but make it just enough to make you look polished, ready and alert. What better way is that than with a little highlighter and gold on the eyes? Hope this at least gave you an idea on whats appropriate! Thank for the love

May 03, 2013

Electric Blue Makeup Look

Hello my laries and gents! Once again, another hiatus but the semester was just becoming to real at the end. Oh well, I'm back. I just wanted to show you this look I did for the day. I was bored and hopefully I have somewhere to go today to show it off... LAME. My obsession of makeup has increased so I'll have to be showing my slowly but surely makeup collection.

Lips- Maybe its Maybelline Brazenbery #905 and MAC Media
Eyes- MAC Steamy Frost, Idol Eyes for inner corner and Parfait Amour 

Hope you enjoyed! If you want me to do a tutorial, let me know! Thanks for all the continuous love and support!

March 24, 2013

How To Look Good With A Broken Ankle

Have any of you broken a bone, whether your leg or your arm? I totally understand if you have and God bless you if you haven't! I recently just burooke my ankle! Can you believe that? and it happened with me just skating on the ice. Anyways, I had to wear a cast for a couple weeks and it was honestly very hard for me to find what to wear in the morning. I'm more of a ankle pant type of girl but then I had to change all that up. Just a little rough but i resided to wearing dresses, leggings and whatever else I could find. Here's just a little help just in case you're going through the same thing I am. If not, hell just enjoy the clothes and see what you could possibly add to your closet.

What To Wear With a Broken Ankle

The leggings for one are great because you can pair those with over sized tee's like the grey one or even with sweaters. If your feeling a little lazy, just put a tee on top and your done. Shorts saved my life because they fit over my cast and were easy to move in. Just pair them with your favorite top, put on some flats or sneakers and Voila. 

Dresses are so easy because they don't take any thought. Its an outfit in one so just wear a dress and walk out the door. Wear a short one just so you won't get hot or a long maxi dress if you don't want your cast or boot exposed. These can be worn to events, dinners or just daily as well. To make your outfit shine a little brighter, add some of your favorite jewelry.

 Just because your immobile doesn't mean you need to present yourself as such! Hope this helped at least one person in some way! If not, here's some fashion tips. Thanks for viewing and let me know if this helped