March 24, 2013

How To Look Good With A Broken Ankle

Have any of you broken a bone, whether your leg or your arm? I totally understand if you have and God bless you if you haven't! I recently just burooke my ankle! Can you believe that? and it happened with me just skating on the ice. Anyways, I had to wear a cast for a couple weeks and it was honestly very hard for me to find what to wear in the morning. I'm more of a ankle pant type of girl but then I had to change all that up. Just a little rough but i resided to wearing dresses, leggings and whatever else I could find. Here's just a little help just in case you're going through the same thing I am. If not, hell just enjoy the clothes and see what you could possibly add to your closet.

What To Wear With a Broken Ankle

The leggings for one are great because you can pair those with over sized tee's like the grey one or even with sweaters. If your feeling a little lazy, just put a tee on top and your done. Shorts saved my life because they fit over my cast and were easy to move in. Just pair them with your favorite top, put on some flats or sneakers and Voila. 

Dresses are so easy because they don't take any thought. Its an outfit in one so just wear a dress and walk out the door. Wear a short one just so you won't get hot or a long maxi dress if you don't want your cast or boot exposed. These can be worn to events, dinners or just daily as well. To make your outfit shine a little brighter, add some of your favorite jewelry.

 Just because your immobile doesn't mean you need to present yourself as such! Hope this helped at least one person in some way! If not, here's some fashion tips. Thanks for viewing and let me know if this helped

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