May 31, 2013

Come To The Dark Side

Close your eyes for a second, and just think about your favorite lipstick. Makes you happy right? (C'mon we don't judge here!)I've found the most beautiful color. Cyber by MAC. it goes with my hair and just my being, perfectly! I love how it looks almost black but its not and different liners can make it look darker or lighter as well. I added Maybelline's Oh La Lilac to it to lighten it up a bit in the center. You don't have to do that but its just an idea. Oh la la is right my peoples, this is a breath taking color. I'll do it proud.

I was just feeling myself way too much! Oh well its perfect. Sorry for the long wait! Work was tiring me out, oh well, that's life. Until we meet again, thanks for the love!

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