May 06, 2013

Here I am! Job Interview Makeup

Well I thought this would be appropriate for a lot of people especially my college loves who are trying to get jobs for the summer like myself. Or heck, any woman for that matter. Here is a really simple look that I think will just make you glow on your job interview. Here is a look that just glows, makes me look as natural as possible but yet you can tell there is a little something there. Due to my darkness -___-, and the darkness in my room, I couldn't get the right lighting to show you the contoured cheeks or the soft pink lips but, you get the picture. P.S.A!! This is my first time using a liquid foundation and I'm pretty impressed. However, it can clog pores so I'll just stick to my 1 pump concealer to 2 pump primer routine. 

Lips- Maybelline Color Whispers ChiLa Lilac and Victoria Secret Better Than Bare
Eyes- Maybelline Color Tattoo Bad to the Bronze
Foundation- Revlon Fit Me #355
Highlighter- Maybelline Color Tattoo Too Cool
Eyeliner- Almay Black Pearl 

I know, I know mad simple but effective. From what the BOSS told me aka my mother, she said too much is a distraction to the interviewer and he or she wont really focus on you. But a little makeup never hurt but make it just enough to make you look polished, ready and alert. What better way is that than with a little highlighter and gold on the eyes? Hope this at least gave you an idea on whats appropriate! Thank for the love


  1. The Maybelline foundation is the best foundation I have ever had!

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