November 11, 2011

Fall Styles with Accessories

I've been so so busy with my senior year its been so hard to post, I know I've been slackin, but my style.... I think not. I love fall fashion for the darker tones, the boots, thick cardigans and my favorite scarves, and not just for your chest. Here was my style for the week

My Chain, it looks like its from the 80's with the hoops too. Makes the outfit in my opinion have more shapes lol so in layman's term more fun!
Glasses are a great way to idk look nerdish. Think of it this way, its a way to protect your eyes from that cold, eye burning, face crackling wind. :)

Scarves on the head is a great way to protect your hair from the cold wind. There are many ways to tie  scarf, be creative by getting lots of colors and patterns and just go to town.

Studded t-shirt = lOVE. I love this tee, makes me look like a real G.... not really but It adds a lot of different textures to the outfit. 

Cardigan and Pants- Forever 21
Boots- Italy
Studded Tee- H&M
Scarf- London

Hope you enjoyed the outfit, what are your Fall must haves and what truly creates your best fall outfits?


  1. Lovely photos, they're really nice I love your headband :)

  2. I adore your outfit. I love your chain necklace and t-shirt.