November 17, 2011

Cultural Bliss

So as you all may know, I am Nigerian. I Love to wear the different kinds of attires especially because of the colors, shapes and patterns. (PATTERNS ARE A PLUS!) My mom attended a part this past Saturday for one of her friends and her outfit has just about all the things i love. CSP (color, shapes and patterns!) I really needed something different to post and when my mommy came back from her party, she was alighted to help with my quest to find a post. Actually, she made me take her picture -__- but I'm glad she did.

I love this yellow patten on the skirt. The skirt has a mermaid kind of shape that looks good on most body types. She was also very clever to mix the blue in with the rest of the ensemble.

This kind of bags are perfect for outings because they are the perfect fit to hold all your belongings, plus if you find one with a nice material and design like this one, its an extra plus!

This is called a Gele. Lots of Nigerians use this and tie it into different shapes. Looks cool at a party when you see hundreds of colored heads walking around.

Watch= Vallentino
Bracelet= Unknown 

Tell me what you think of this? I want to know where you're from and what kind of clothing you like to wear.

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