October 15, 2011

Who Is Chris Benz?

I found a designer that is new to me at least, that I truly like. Chris Benz. He is a great designer that just defines originality. His pattern choices are remarkable in the fact that the colors chosen are so bold and contrast each other perfectly. To me, a great designer adds different volumes to outfits and he makes it a point of duty to do that. Adding volume and different shapes keep a collection interesting and depending on how a person does it is a great defining factor of the collection. Take a look at some of the designs for the Spring 2012 collection.  

I'm a sneaker freak! The facts this man put sneaks with his runway clothing really says something.

That black and white skirt is like Nigerian fabric Ankara, I love it.

Let me know what you think of this designer and his style.


  1. Woooowwww....particular collection! :-)

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  2. Unique!


  3. i actually featured chris benz in a post not too long ago because i loved the hair and makeup for this collection.

  4. These patterns are awesome! I've never heard of him until now, great post :).