November 22, 2011

The Cure Is In the Black Boots

So I was walking around in the new H&M that just opened in my city. Truly, I had no intent on buying anything but then, I saw them... These gorgeous black leather boots with a cute buckle on the side that just made my day. I knew I had to get them that day, especially since I wasn't feeling to well. So If your ever sick, just buy a new pair of boots and it will brighten your day! They are versatile, go with dresses, shorts and of course pants such as skinny jeans and leggings. The styles are just endless, that's why I bought them. Take that remedy to your doctor!

What are your favorite boots right now, that just go with anything, where did you get them from?


  1. Amazing boots!
    Check my post about boots for this season!

  2. These look so so comfortable! I need a pair of these :)