June 18, 2011

And Then Came The Yellow Scarf

I'm sure I'm not the only one that has taken some clothes from their mother's closet. I was searching for something bright and yellow. Voila i found something, and something simple. To me style should be clean and simple, but there should always be something bright and exciting to compliment that simplicity. This BCBG Max Azria scarf can brighten up any outfit, especially a plain one. Here are three different styles that i did and anyone can do with their scarf.

Here is the simplest one. Just by getting the to ends, tie them at the back and you got this. Make it however long you like

The little more fancier version of the 1st look. Its almost like draping, you keep doing it until you think it right. And if your scarf has embellishments at the end, let them show

A nice style. Its just rolling the scarf so it looks like one big twist, then using the extra fabric at the end to tie it all into place.
Which style out of these would you wear?


  1. i loveeee finding great things from my mum's closet :D
    ur scarf is adorable! love the colour!:D
    btw, please check out my giveaway :)


  2. Thank you I really appreciate that, I took a look at your giveaways and that's a great idea