June 16, 2011

Summer Must Haves

Its that time of the year again. The sun is shining, wind blowing but uh oh, your not sure what to wear. Major breakdown? Not to worry. After searching and searching, i have found some outfits, shoes and accessories that are most needed for a fashionable summer. 

To keep those items here and there when going to the beach or a walk through the park Dusen Dusen

Platform ladies, it gives you the sophisticated height but also that freshness and comfort to rome in Micheal Kors

Have some eye candy on your wrist to add some flavor to the outfit Julie Rofman 

This handmade bag is comfortable, fun and easy to carry. Wayuu Taya Foundation 

Suno, my favorite line! Cute bathing suits add a statement to your apperance

Something comfy yet stylish when your done with the pumps ALDO 

Graphic Tees are a must Unique28 

Hope these items help you achieve that summer feeling you are longing for, or at least give you an idea. What do you think are the must haves to ceate that summer look?