February 14, 2011

DIY Kinda Thing

So Ive decided since i design t-shirts, i should design some by hand. Its a little strenuous but fun at the same time. If you didn't know by now, I am Nigerian. Yes Nigerian and (no i don't jump around a fire and howl and make clicking sounds.) Nigerians are known for their elaborate dressing, and what makes us different are our types of fabrics. They are bright, colorful and different. So i cut it up and made a design with my own t-shirt. To me this looks like a graffiti looking thing, am i the only one that thinks that?

Here is a Men's V-neck. I cut two 16in pieces and also 8in peices. With a sewing machine or by hand(Use the machine!) create whichever shape or form you would like with the 4 pieces of fabric. As you can see i made the UP sign. Sew along the edges so the fabric stays put. Iron the fabric once your done and VOILA Finis!

-Men's V-neck American Apparel
-Nigerian imported fabric
- White silicone wristband Unique 28.com "Certified Boss"
- Fabricated Bangles

Here is a closer look of the bangles and ring i was wearing. Sorry it wasn't to visible in the pictures. (My cousin cant take pictures... LOVE YOU FEYI!) The bangles and ring are wrapped and sewed with fabric. The colors are bright, the pattern exotic and the look is just different. Nigerians know how to make certain things POP! These jewelery pieces will also be apart of the Unique28.com bands section ASAP. If anyone has any  t-shirtideas, i would love to hear, just leave a comment, I'm always open for ideas.

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