February 11, 2011

Anthropologie and Beyond

Tampa is so dry, in stores, style etc, but today, downtown i went to Anthropologie. Great store with the coolest displays and array of colors. They sell house hold accessories and clothes. Ugh there bathroom things are amazing, shame i didn't get a picture of the wool covered soap Fiat Luxe Soap I'm sorry if i sound like a weirdo but this was the coolest thing i saw, TODAY!  take a look for yourself

I put this display together =] kudos to me! These shoes were so lightweight and had a rich velvety colors that just caught My eye when i saw them. That yellow purse thing i put next to it was really chic too. There accessories are so small and compact so they can fit anywhere you put them, look at those glasses. The prices are a little expensive but trust its worth the pay

Nice store right? Yea you can tell i was enthralled by all the colors and clothes. Yup Yup good stuff.  

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