February 19, 2011

DIY Your T-shirt Is Your Canvas

Today i wanted to paint. Not on canvas, or on paper but on a t-shirt. At first i was like, what kind of design could i possibly do, i mean I'm not really the painter but my imagination went wild and i came up with some kind of design, also incorporating my ethnic fabric, so i think it went well. I shall go step by step but also remember you don't have to do the same design as me or use the same colors, or even the same colored t-shirt. 

You will need:
1 White t-shirt
2 colors preferably Plaid Fabric Paint Black and metallic gold
Card board to fit in between the shirt
2 brush sponges there like a dollar for 4 at Jonann Fabrics
A cup of water

Make sure you pick the colors u want because once it hits the fabric, its hard to get off.
With the black fabric paint, create a smoky design at the bottom of the t-shirt. Make it like a gradient, dark on the bottom to a lighter town going towards the top. Make sure not to add to much water or it will seep through or wont dry fast enough. 

Once you have the bottom of your t-shirt complete, get the gold paint. Place the brush towards the left corner or side and try to make a line as straight and neat as possible across the shirt towards the right. Make as many lie as you want, it should almost look like tree branches, (that's the intended plan) but just remember if you make a mistake on a line, its OK, it cant always be perfect. However if you want straight straight lines, then use a side of a piece of cardboard and paint against it.

I made my lines so at the end, they curve. Here are the branches i chose to draw. Now let your shirt dry for 5 minutes so at least the paint can settle. If you can see my hand i am laying on a piece of fabric. But your fabric into circles, however big or small you want them. Cut the circles according to the number of branches. Make the fabric STAND OUT! Use a glue gun to put them down. Its much easier and quicker.

Here is the finished product, make sure to let it dry for 24 hours and then wash, instructions on how to make the paint look it best should be on the back of the paint tube. I believe there is no shirt like it. Imagine what yours could look like, you can always add you own twist to whatever you have at home.

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