December 26, 2012

Winter Lip Colors

Don't mind the x's but voila I'm proud to say I'm now somewhat interested in makeup! For the past couple of days, I've been on a makeup haul, legit, I literally lived in MAC and Sephora for the past two days. By far MAC is my favorite even though its on the pricier side. Neways, back to the lip colors. For winter, dark Berry like colors are whats in so I've given my personal favorite shades as of now. 

Here is MAC's Ruby Woo. This is a Matte lip color, but I added a little gloss before putting it on so my lips wont feel so dry. I love this red, and honestly I never thought I could pull this off. 

Don't mind me. This is MAC Media on my lips on its own.

Media Lipstick With Rebel Lip gloss 

Kisses and Smiles for you all! With Spice Lip gloss 

These colors are great for this time of year. Also if you haven't gotten any gifts for someone, these could be a great gift. Tell me which look you liked and if this helped with ideas for lipstick colors. 

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