December 23, 2012

Fast Last Minute Gifts!

Oh no, it's just about christmas time and you still have not found a gift for whoever. It may be your friend, husband, niece or nephew. You feel pretty screwed, don't you? Well not to fear, here are six quick ideas that go for both men and women! 

1. Here's for that friend or family, husband or child who loves to a snap pic wherever they go. Here's the Nikon 1  camera that's a little pricey around $700 but its small and acts close to a DSLR without the struggle. Plus its a quick in and out from best buy.

2. I'm not a gift buyer by any means so gift cards in my opinion is the way to go, no matter what. Who doesn't like money handed to them?

3. About 99.9% of the world is emerged in the apple world. It wouldn't hurt to buy that niece of yours her favorite movie and a few songs from the iTunes library 

4. For those of you who own an xbox or know someone that plays often, whether it be your nephew, daughter or wife, this will be greatly appreciated. These can be found at Gamestop, Walmart or Target.  

5. Buy that special person a nice spa day. You can easily book them online so that doesn't require you to have high blood pressure or stress. A nice 1 hour massage whole body, will treat anybody well. (Great for athletes too, my mom got me these when I was skating) 

6. Concert tickets of course! To see his or her favorite artist. Enough said. 

I hope some of these helped! Also, check out Style Me Grasie  video which I found greatly helpful in finding gifts for different types of people. Thanks for viewing!

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