May 16, 2012

My Grauation Wishlist

I'm graduating high school in 3 weeks!!!! Yeah, just a little excited, However, I've been a true procrastinator and haven't bought my outfit for graduation, shame on me. But I have an idea of what I want, in truth a nice minty blue dress with some red  velvet pumps or wedges. If I cant find a nice blue dress, then a soft yellow one it is. If I cant find the yellow, my other love is printed dresses which I think will work well with the red  velvet pumps or wedges. To top it off, a cute little clutch with a nice cocktail ring and necklace will make the outfit simple for the day. 

My Graduation Wardrobe

1 comment:

  1. So so cute! And this wish list is adorable.The dress, shoes and the all rings are cute and have such sentimental value to them. Nice cocktail ring and necklace looking awesome. I always love fashion clothing and trends.