May 14, 2012

College Student's Chill Day Outfits

All these exams I'm taking reaffirms the idea that I shall soon be a college student in less than two months! I can't just take my whole wardrobe with me nor can I always dress up depending on my class schedules. However, I found these great outfit Ideas for an everyday college student that I think I can abide to quite nicely. I'm not saying all of you should throw away your jeans and shorts but it would be a great idea if you have not already to invest in maxi skirts. They are free flowing, chic and make someone always look fashionable. I apsolutely love the color ranges so wear one that fits your mood of the day. You can always dress them up or down with a nice blouse or a cute slouchy t-shirt when your in a rush to class. If your going to be an incoming freshman or your going back to school and want to rearrange your wardrobe, definitely put these styles into consideration. 

College Student's Chill School Day

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