March 15, 2012

Shoe's For Spring (100TH POST!!)


In my opinion, spring is a time for  new styles. It is always best to change up your look once in a while and experiment. Put down the knee high boots and even the heels and just where someting free. A great pair of sandals like those from Urban Outfitters or a nice colorful oxford like the ones from Cole Haan. Any of these shoes shown can be paired with jeans, beautiful skirts especially neon colors like neon pink and yellow (Thats my spring thing at the moment) Those Doc Martins from Urban Outfitters are so breath taking, I love that pattern. It's fresh, feminine and just looks like a fun boot. Just rememebr that you don't always need to wear heels even a great sneaker like the Adidas works well with lots of things to give your outfit a more urban and comfortable look. Pair your lovely mellow or bright colored skinny jeans with those great flats from H&M. Also if your looking for a more feminine look and you happen to be wearing a sun dress pick up those Rage & Bone wedges and flaunt them. Needless to say, open up your options more fro Spring, becasue spring is the time for new styles.
Let me know which shoe was your favorite or what shoe you think is best for spring!

Black Boots- Acne, these pretty much go with anything.

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