February 02, 2012

Wearabe Layers

After watching Wendy's Lookbook layering video, I decided to try it myself but a little more toned down in the amounts of layers, brighter and suitable for warmer temperatures. I decided to use an old sweater that I've worn probably once (doesn't fit well) and cut up the front and back to make a the back look longer than the front. Hence the high low sweater! Since I love bright colors, I decided to match the mellow baby blue sweater with a neon-pink body skirt. I then topped that off with a grey 50's type cardigan almost like what old people where when they want to look snazzy :) I put that on top and that dumbs down the neon-pink and softens the baby blue sweater. Then for shoes, I wore my favorite boots at the moment and voila! You have a layered look for everyday! And if you don't like bright colors, the skirt could either be a pattern like black polka dots on a white print just for some interest. If the color still isn't enough, go to town on that outfit with more colors.


Skirt: Forver21
Sweater and Cardigan: Forever21
Boots: Traffic
Owl Necklace: Charlotte Russe

Hope you enjoy, but wanna know, what pieces in your closet do you like to layer?

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