January 31, 2012

Black Sheer Blouse

As I was "prancing" around the mall, I came across this absolutely beautiful blouse that I've been wanting for a very long time. I see this kind of top everywhere but never bought one of my own, until now. The top is so free flowing which allows you lots of movement.What I really love about it is the sweet lace at the collar with the huge gaping whole in the back, it  just adds more.... whats the word, greatness I should say, if you can rock it all out and open go for it and if your a little conservative, put a black Cami under. It can be worn with jeans especially my favorite... skinnys, skirts and a nice pair of linen shorts. The style can be found pretty much anywhere but I  happened to find mine at Pacsun  

LOVE this one, let me know what you think of it!


  1. W0W so nice, love the back ! Waiting for an outfit post with this ! :) XOXO

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  3. thanks for dropping by my blog,you have a lovely blog,follow me and i will follow right back.......


  4. Very cute!