February 18, 2012

Spring Blouse Makes Up Two Outfits and Much More

Hey guys, sorry for the break! School has been a pain in my a** and I'm just trying to get my college stuff together. Anyways spring is knocking at our door. Yay! new beginnings, relationships and experiences. While your experiencing all this, look good while your at it. You can always look classy, chic and comfortable as the weather is changing. Here is this lovely blue high low blouse paired with floral high waisted shorts and high waisted jeans with two additional shoes of your choice. 

1. For a more comfortable look, you can pair the blouse, shorts and flats together which looks a little out there but looks great. 

2. Or you could even do the blouse with the jeans and those tan wedges for a more sophisticated look and then add that lovely peice of eye candy to really make the look shine.

3. You could even pair the blouse with the floral shorts and put the wedges with the ring and add that gorgeous plum tote to it.

4. Also add the blouse with the jeans and have those leopard printed flats. This also a way to add a more relaxed vibe to your busy day.

Blouse: Nicole Miller 
High Waisted Jeans: Found on Teen Vogue 
Ballet Leopard Print Flats: Tory Burch 
Plum Tote: Michael Kors 
Wedges: LuLu's 
Oval Ring: Forever 21

Just remember to make your new beginnings fresh and vibrant and whatever happened in the past, let it stay in the past because spring is a wonderful time to start fresh! Hope you enjoyed and let me know which peace you enjoyed the most!


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