February 24, 2012

Simple Ways To Wear Stripe Shirts

For spring, cream colors are great but you need some patterns and stripes, do the trick. Stripes are versatile and make you look put together.
These are the tops were going to use. The red represents warm colors while the blue is cool. I love these colors because they are vibrant and give any dull outfit a nice splash of color. 

Here I paired the red stripe shirt with a jean button up which I apsolutely love! This can be worn during the day, during school and its perfect for college students to just feel comforatable yet still look put together. The jewlery accents the colors and ust is a show peice for the outfit. 

This is a way more casual/preppy look with a more professional top. This light blue button up is perfect by itself but looks very comfy with this red top. The two colors accent each other and can be worn with a pair of nice jeans for an easy going day. The rolled up sleeves, I like alot, it shows you can look good but yet feel good at the same time.

This look is more on the profesional side. Now I am using the blue top and it looks good under a black cropped blazer but what really makes this  combination is the orange scarf. The scarf accents the blue so they compliment each other. MORE COLOR BLOCKING= MORE VERSATILITY. This is just a reminder to play with the colors in your closet :) This can be worn with shorts, jeans or skirts which makes this top combination very versatile.

The blue top is here to stay but now its with this long gray cardigan. This is a simple cute look which can be worn with some leggings and flats or heels. Its cute and the beaded necklause again is just to add more fun.

Always remember that basics are great and the more you build on stuff like this, the amount of different looks can be endless. Stripes always look clean and are a basic so definatly invest in them, I'm sure you wont be sorry. Let me know which look you enjoyed! Thanks for viewing!

Red Top: Papaya
Blue Top: Old Navy
Jean Button Up: Old Navy
Scarf: Bebe
Grey Cardigan: H&M
Blazer: H&M
Blue Button Up: Forever 21


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