September 13, 2011

Very Cute Contradiction

Hey you! I really just wanted to post this lovely dress I saw someone wearing at the conference! I m a very conservative person but this dress made me want to show a lil somethin somethin ;) I love the cut on the back of the dress, it really makes her look gorgeous and also the color fits her just as well. The material looks so comfortable and I love the way the dress covers up in the front and exposes all in the back. pretty nice contradiction no? If you ever wanted to look a little more sexy to an event or anywhere in that matter, I suggest you choose this type of dress, as long as your comfortable wearing it. You can pair it up with some wedged suede boots and a nice tote bag and call it a day. Homecoming for me is coming up and I think, well I just found the style of dress I want to buy. Until next time my loves, well until homework stops being a pain in my.......... :) ALSO PlEASE DO THE SURVEY, I NEED YOUR FEEDBACK. JUST CLICK IN THE RIGHT PANEL LINK THAT SAYS SURVEY, IT'S GREATLY APPRECIATED!

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