September 20, 2011

Go-To Items For Fall

No matter where you live you always need some great accessories for the fall. In my opinion, fall is the best time for dressing. Fashion really comes at it's finest and shows the upcoming trends for the next season. However to look great in fall, you always need some great accessories to go with your lovely trench coats and favorite leather boots. 

Instead of doing the usual beanie hat, try turbans if you haven't already. Find great scarves in your house or local stores and just experiment to see how to tie one. I met this gorgeous blogger and was instantly attracted to her scarf. Give it a try if you already haven't!

A great jacket is obliviously a must have. When it's cold and your walking on the street, whats the first thing you see on people? There jackets! If a person has a great jacket or unique one, you usually think wow they got style. You can stick to leather, tweed, trenches, capes. Whatever your feeling by it for the cooler months.

Next, you should have fantastic eye wear. Even though its cold out, good sunglasses still make a  strong statement on your outfit, heck even your own eye glasses.

And of course, a scarf. That's a no brainer. You know I'm  pattern freak so get some in funky patterns and mix match them with plain basics or hey even other patterns. Or if you like, get a simple colored scarf and really pair it off with a great outfit!

I want to know your thoughts on this. I hope it helps give you some ideas on what to get for fall you know. Just a little inspiration for you


  1. I am all for scarves and eyewear-can never have enough of either of them :D

  2. oh wow--i'm in this post! how cool. great items for fall.