August 27, 2011

Natural Is Always Better

So I finally took out my twist and some of you may know that twist, braids etc etc can last for long periods of time. I have been doing the process since December of last year which is putting my hair in twist, 2 months in a day out and do it gain and again. My hair has grown tremendously because I have been keeping it NATURAL. A lot of us women use chemicals in our hair, color it, add attachments do all kinds of things that just damage it. I'm here to tell you, you look better natural. It may sound crazy but it's the truth. Think of it like this. You want everyone to see your true beauty, how you really look so that when you do enhance your beauty with either make up or stuff with your hair, everyone really takes and interest and compliments will always fly your way. The key is to only so it once in a while. But always remember you will always look beautiful naturally.  


No foundation or eye shadow required for this look. To emphazise your natural look just highlight some places like the eyes and lips. I used an over alll pencil with a Fashion Fair lip gloss. 

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