August 29, 2011

I See Said The Blind Man

I'm a sunglasses nut, but never in my life have I ever seen sunglasses like these. The frames are so colorful ad geometric and are truly an art piece. Mecura Sunglasses are a one of a kind sunglasses company who creates memorable out of the box eye wear for both men and women. I have you ever seen shades like them before? I would be rockin them during the day, night, in my sleep, hell wherever. Tell me what you think about them. If you like or dislike them it would really interest me to here your opinion!


  1. very william

  2. :D The first one are too weird for me.
    The second - too Lady Gaga.
    But I like those with the flowers. :)
    Too bad they can't be found in my country.
    Greetings from Macedonia, and check out my blog.
    If you like, we could follow each other. ;)

  3. well. First impressions are the most important aren't they and they certainly made an incredible lasting first impression on me. I relate as I am also a sunglasses nut but I don't think I could pull these off as everyday wear. I'm a festival head nut though and can see me rockin' a pair of these in the Summer dancing away for sure. Crazy, but great find!

    Anna xo

  4. F*%k yeah, loving the wild sunnies!!! Sign me up for a pair! x

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    LOVE xxx

  5. So my comment here is kinda irrelevant to your post lol. But I just wanted to say that I just had a sneaky look at your online clothing store and I adore your designs! I'm all for supporting new designers, so I'm def. rooting for you! KEEP THE GOOD WORK COMING! xxx

    Urban art + street fashion addict: