June 21, 2011


Fashion I believe should be a relaxed, effortless and fun. So when I created my t-shirt line Unique28, I kept those aspects in mind. Unique28.com is a site that creates t-shirts and accessories for both men and women. The t-shirts are not tight, but have a little extra room to have that cozy feel. They can be worn for just a chill day at home, or a day with your friends. These t-shirts can be paired with anything, I do mean anything. 

This Unique28 tee is unisex, and it can be paired with these selections .

Sperry's - You obliviously choose any sneaker you want, I just chose these because I like them.

Levi's- These are my favorite types of jeans because they fit me better than any jeans Ive owned!

Diesel- The clothes are more fun. The women's shorts are fashionable and can have any kind of top to dress them up or down. The Men's shorts are more of a chill day or going to the beach look. 

Echo- This ribbon stripped fedora can be worn for men and women if you choose. I just thought it was cute and simple

Now, get the t-shirt at UNIQUE28.COM, Theunique28 's online store and create your own look with it. Its a great buy, and i designed it myself  :) Now if you have any new ideas for unique28.com leave a comment or email me, i love to hear new ideas.

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