June 20, 2011

Shola Designs

Ive been waiting for this FOREVER. A new designer has emerged in the fashion world's mist. Ever wanted to find a shoe that you know nobody will find easily and you feel is unique, your look is finally over. Here is Shola Designs, and I take this quite personally because this is my mother's shoe line (GO MOMMAY!) Made in Italy, these shoes are of up most quality and design. After being taught by Mark Schwartz how to draw shoes, the collection was born. Fabrics from furs, to patterns imported from Nigeria (I am Nigerian) Whatever your looking for in a shoe, this line's got it. Its also made for comfort so that when worn, they can be endured for a long time, can you say perfect? These names are Nigerian by the way so don't be perplexed if you cant pronounce, you'll soon know the name oh to well.  Here is a sneak peak of the Fall/ Winter 2011 collection.

Brown Suede Flat with buckles and Nigerian fabric Name: Deji

Multi Colored Shoe with suede heel Name: Kike

Grey, beige and orange suede shoe. Name: Bosun (One of my favorite boots!)

Brown leather slingback with multi-colored block heel. Name: Dammy (Named after me) 

Out of these which one was your favorite? Don't forget to visit Shola Desgins, there are more shoe to the line that I'm sure everyone will love.


  1. These heels are soooo cute! Don't you just love shoes?! Nice post.


  2. yess mam you know it, love shoes especially those that make a statement. Thanks for the comment


  3. WOOOOW SHOLA IS AMAZING!!! I'll dream with all those shoes! :)

    Much love,


  4. Lol thanks! The dream will become reality once you see them in stores =]

  5. These shoes are amazing!!!

    -Cherrie <3

  6. Thanks so much, and I love the idea of your blog, shopping on a budget! I definatly followed

  7. Oh yes, I'd love see them in the stores!! :****