March 13, 2011

Pediatric Cancer Foundation

I went to the event Fashion funds the cure supported by Bright House to help raise money for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation It was a happy event to attend because with everyone one contributing, there was lots of money made. With huge burly men walking the little girls down the ailes like Lightning Hockey players, and Carson Kressley hosting the show it was nice too see. Everyone knows that cancer research takes plently of money and to support kids it means so much more. People should definatly contribute to the cause to heelp becaus if a cure is found who knows wha our future cn hold? I t could be your little sister, brother or child who will need help so wouldnt you like to help? You can go to to buy mercandise which WILL support these kids.

The girl below is cancer free!!!!! 

Look on youtube for the full video of the finale of the fashion show. ohh so cute. Remember these girl still have cancer so definatly help them

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