February 27, 2011


Ethnic fabrics are one thing but African fabrics, are on a new level of originality, LEGIT. These fabrics can make even the dullest outfits just POP!, it has that it factor. Look at Suno, to the styling, the models the fabrics, this line brings a new freshness to the runway. 

My new fave designer  Oyato fresh from NY shows vibrant colors and styles in her collection, ensuring to keep you over your seat not expecting what you are going to see next, that's what we Africans give you!


Here is my own interpretation of fabrics. Just an array of colors, mhmmm good stuff.

A bag, accessories and shirt all came from the Naija land itself. Love these fabrics, i also have outfits in all of them. To me they bring a vibrant outlook on simple clothing and give a different array of color so def different to what most people are used to. 

Simple shirt made better. Dull colors really make the jewelry just POP!

A closer look at he bag in detail. Different shapes and colors put together to create this bag

Swarovski ring
3 assorted bangles all from Nigeria

A little photo shoot. I never wear makeup but today i felt like going a little out of my comfort zone! Go out of yours, you will never know what you may like. Find some cool fabrics and out your outfit together, it should be fun. Next week (hopefully) ill have another DIY coming, leave some comments!

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