December 21, 2012

Refresh Your Hair

Hair feeling dry these days? If you have curly, straight, wavy ahir texture, dryness doesn't discriminate... we all suffer from it. Since I've been natural I've been lazy as hell to really take care of my hair at times, therefore it lacks moisture. After shampooing or after adding heat to hair, your hair can become dry due to the decrease in sebum and other natural oils being depleted. Therefore its important to add moisture back into your hair so that it looks its best and can grow healthy and strong. Why I included honey to this conditioner is because honey is known as an humectant which traps water (which is the main thing that moisturizes hair) and the conditioner helps lock that in. Hair can be deep conditioned for 30-45 minutes or longer. But, well moisturized hair leaves hair feeling fresh and so clean and looking great always! Use any conditioner of your choosing, I just recently found this one and loved it, especially since its organic!  Tell me if you do this as well or share whatever you do that helps your hair stay moisturized.

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