August 28, 2012

Thrift Store Haul

I finally did it... what you ask(even though it says it in the picture) yes a thrift store haul. This was the first time I actually went into Goodwill thinking not that someone else wore this stuff but wow, there are a whole bunch of cheap classic things I could incorporate into my wardrobe. If you can tell, I really had a n eye for blue for some reason. My main goal was to find a denim jacket but eventually I found a pair of old jeans that I cut up into beautiful high waisted shorts, a maxi skirt because I have barely to no patterns in my closet and this cure little tan jacket. Also I was able to catch a cute chiffon top which I cut the bold shoulders off of and made into something more wearable.  I think these pieces will go great for fall and winter to keep me warm and also look great.

Next trip, I plan on finding collard tops because my new thing is collard shirts which I think will look fantastic on grandpa sweaters and cardigans and then studding some of them up. Well, where are your favorite places to thrift and what do you find? Give me some inspiration!

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