June 13, 2012

Zac Posen Pre-Fall/ Fall Collection

Ok, I`ve heard of Zac Posen, seen some of his work but was never really impressed until... NOW. I was looking through his look book and came across his Pre-Fall and Fall collections. I know I`m late but I am so happy I stumbled upon his work. His designs to me are just so fashion forward. They entitle all the characteristics I believe are important in fashion. He uses a variety  shapes, sizes and silhouettes to keep the designs interesting, he has different patterns and styles and always keeps the colors fresh and mesmerizing. These designs speak volumes to me, literally with the loud dresses and bright reds and blues and so on. If your not a Zac Posen fan yet, jump on the Posen wagon starting... NOW.  

Pre- Fall


Whats your thoughts on these? 

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