May 20, 2012

My Poem, The Experience of Figure Skating

Senses of the Ice

I see the white flat snow glistening, like stars of the night

The people surround me, eyes waiting for my next move

One foot on the ice then two, one hand up then the other, its silent, you could hear a pin drop

I glide to my center point, feel the smooth strokes, purple dress in toe, heart pounding and legs shaking

The judges starring me down, I too give a glare

Boom! I hear the music, that’s the signal, time to rise and shine

I hear my newly sharpened blades move forward, side to side

The blades switch from inner outer, my head fly’s high

My senses are high tend

The music is blaring giving me cues for my first move

Here’s your chance, feel the first move, feel the timing fast and steady

Bam! First jump landed I feel the wind blow across my face

I feel the warmth of the crowds claps and woops, Yea, that’s what I needed

My spin, so fast and centered, I’m defying gravity, I’m the spinner, I’m in control

My heart is racing, the beating becomes intense

The smell of the ice

So cold but so comforting

Keeps me moving

Keeps me focused, on my toes or toe pick

Sharp and strong

I can taste literally the end of my program

More Importantly, a clean program

Last footwork move, my breath is heavy my moves more sluggish

Push, push taste the end, think of the blue and red air heads and Pauline’s warm hug

Taste the victory that is yours with a sense of completion, I say.

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