May 24, 2012

Metallic Madness

Since its graduation time, the gifts keep on rolling in and yet there is more to come (I CANT WAIT!) My grandma decided to buy me this beautiful clutch from Macy's for only $24.99 which I will love forever. Its so strong and looks reliable enough to keep my things. Although it looks small, there is a lot of space inside and what I like best about it is if you don't want to carry it in your hands, it has this beautiful chain so that yo can put it on your shoulder and beez outz the door. It's a great bag, has an interesting shape and Its the perfect size for going out to party's and holding your belongings. 



  1. Wow thats a super nice bag ! Lovely grandma you have ! I love that metallic colour much. Have fun with it ! XX

  2. Such a cute clutch! Great colour, it'll go with anything :) I have one with the same chain, so just letting you know also to wear clothes that aren't "thready" or embroidered, coz the chain will catch on the threads and pull them out!