April 13, 2012

School Day Outift

For school today, i didn't want to dress up way to much but I still wanted to look fashionable... it was one of those days I cared, but I didn't.... So I tried something really simple today. I paired this cute Polka Dot high low blouse from Forever 21 (by the way my new obsessions are polka dots and stripes! ahhh!) and I put that on top of a dark blue jeans and some white oxfords from Forever21 as well. Sadly, since I like those shoes so much, I wouldn't call them white anymore, more like a off white :( Oh well they still look decent. I did not add jewelry this time, I just kept my gold chain, earrings and bangles which are my everyday jewelry. This look is great for school, or a chill fun day!

1 comment:

  1. I love your blouse :) It's really cute!