March 26, 2012

Mix Matching with Patterns and Colors

If you know me by now, I am totally into the mixing of patterns and colors. If you've noticed, these bright florescent colors are whats in this season. I paired this beautiful pink blouse and a nice patterned skirt to just add more interest. The pink makes you look feminine while the white and black skirt gives you some edge. I wore this outfit to church yesterday, and everyone liked it so I guess.... I did something right :) While I did where a black closed pumps, you could pair this outfit with those flashy metallic heels to elongate your legs, if your short like me, You will be on top of the world on those 

Top- Forever21
Skirt- Nigerian (Ankara)
Shoes- BeBe

Voila! This outfit is super cute I think. Let me know your opinion or what you would have paired it with.

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