January 29, 2012

2 Outfits, 1 Jumper

In Fashion the main game is, how many times can you wear one item in different ways to make it look new every time. It's always important of course to shop but if you really want to test your fashion skills, see how many times you can wear one of your favorite shirts or blouses in different styles, shapes and layers, or whatever it is you like, you get the idea. I chose a flower patterned jumper with my favorite pair of boots.

The jumper worn all by its lonesome
Jumper: Forever 21

This could be a day look with the what I like to call, the Grandpa cardigan since its oh so large. I paired that with the jumper underneath and my black army boots

Cardigan: My Collection


 Don't mind the I'm a Stunna face :) Here is a more evening look with a blazer with broad shoulders paired with a grey over sized tee underneath. This is great for a casual night on the town, or wherever you like. Heck you could even wear this during the day if you like or even take off the t-shirt and just leave the jumper as is.

Blazer: H&M


Boots: Traffic

Jewelry: A gift from my Madre

Since it's a little warm down here, I have no tights or leggings but If you live in a cold area, you can always where some tights underneath, either way it will still looks good. Hope this helps and gives you an idea for your next outfit. Remember, be versatile, it creates creative juice and saves you some mula! Tell your favorite outfits you like to wear?

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  1. That jumper is super sweet and i love that blazer ! Totally cute ! XOXO