December 03, 2011

The Joy of a Friend... Or Two

If you are younger than most of your friends or you live far away from them, you feel a sense of joy when you are able to see them again. Many of my friends left for college and left lil ole me to be by my lonesome. However, I had a great time with them. The funniest thing to me was my friend absolutely loved my camera and was trying to steel it from me.... NO man don't think so, but you can take as many  pictures of everything and anything you see? Which, you guessed, she did and I mean EVERYTHING. I Had to delete over 70 pictures, good lord, you had enough? Oh well it was a great day and always remember good friends will stay by you no matter the problem or how far you are :)
The photographer at work.

 I love this bag, the shape was great and it had lots of room. It is perfect for shopping because it scan store lots of the items you may purchase.

I love that simple grey tee with the embellishment, it just adds a little piazzas! (oh i like that word!)


At the tattoo parlor, but not for my sake. I'm just looking at the designs while the photographer is just snapping away.

Christmas time!

I love these styles. They are so classy, the colors look great and the shapes are not all the same so it adds some interest to the outfit, like the ruffled layered pink blouse.

Uhhh, how did I end up here? Turning back around now :)

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