September 08, 2011

BAM! Oppurtunity At The Finger Tips

Yesterday, i shall say was one of the best day of my life. I attended my first Independent Fashion Blogger Conference. Despite the fact I was literally falling off my chair due to sleep deprivation, I had the best time. Bloggers came together form all different places in the US and just connected. I met so many fabulous people, networked a whole bunch and of course learned some great blogging tips from the best. PR agents, editors they were all there, it was like a Dream. Even seeing people like Man Repellar. I got to meet Susie Lau from Style Bubble and even Kristina from fashion blog Pretty Shiny Sparkly(She had the blog that introduced me to IFB). I'm TELLING YOU, IF YOU GET THE CHANCE, DON'T HESITATE! Go for it and meet new people and all of these great bloggers so that you can learn a thing or two. It was very exciting and worth my time and I'm sure it will be the same for you. Also the style was out of this world! Magazines, seriously watch out, bloggers got the upper hand! The street style was incredible. Outfits and combinations I have never seen were smacking me right in the face! I will do post on the outfits especially on how the different colors and styles can help you to achieve your perfect fall looks so defiantly stay. As a blogger and reader, try and go to your local fashion events and see what's going on. It makes you alert and gives you a crap load of inspiration. You get ideas on how to dress, colors and patterns you might not have seen before and just fresh and new ideas. So grasp your opportunities, whatever they may be.

Some cool filtered water we all got! Plus they came in a variety of colors!

Susie Bubble in one of her unique outfits as usual. Here is some real inspiration for you to dare to be different.

They did hair and manicures for free at the event. I did not do this, well because I cut all mie off to an afro!

More to come, tell me what you think? Did anyone watch it off live stream as well?


  1. it was really nice meeting you! guess how i got to your site? with that awesome wristband you gave out--so unique.

    the IFB conference was a ton of fun. i ended up getting a free manicure. stop by some time!

  2. Meeting interesting people is always a good idea, but I travel alot and I meet so many people daily that I adore the time spent only with me and myself, but I'm so happy for you, especially that you had the chance to meet such talented girls;-)

  3. wow that looks like so much fun :)