August 23, 2011

What Keeps YOU Blogging?

First day of school YAY! but I am so tired I just want to crawl in my bed. Any who it's all good and the day was very interesting and fun. Couldn't ask for any better. Plus I would love to hear if its your first day or you are going to school soon. So I saw on IFB this blogger project on what truly helps you blog. So in other words, your blogger tool kit. 

Ok. So first off I have my lovely HP laptop that of course makes it possible for me to blog

Then I have a Nikon Camera D3100 but since I used it to take this picture, I used my Sony Cyber shot which makes it easy for me to take pics without having to lug around my Nikon.

Next, is my iPod Touch. Helps me find info quick especially on the go and plus helps me answer emails and such on the go. 
Lastly, my brain juice in my favorite cup. I always drink my iced tea in my reusable plastic cup. Helps quench my thirst, five me ideas and give me the impression I'm buying Starbucks every time I drink from it. 

What do you use to blog with ? What tools are truly essential to you?


  1. Hey Doll, great blog and I followed you!


  2. iced tea is love! haha. :)

    anyway, i'd love to follow you but i don't have a blogspot account. :(
    i'll just keep on coming back to your site!

  3. Nice laptop :)
    Thanks for commenting on my blog..I follow you hope you can too ;)

  4. oooh we have so much in common lol. I have the same HP laptop, a Nikon and A Sony Cybershot too.