August 17, 2011

Dries Van Noten

When a designer chooses fabric for his/her collection, he chooses fabrics that are comfortable, expensive looking and will catch the eye of his market. That what I believe Dries Van Noten does. He is able to mix certain patterns, volumes and looks to create master pieces on the runway. His color combining skiils and fabric choices just flow together. It is crucial to make clothes that are in style and fashion forward.With Dries Van Noten designs, you can't go wrong. 


  1. I love their fun prints!!!!


  2. Do you know what I love about this designer (which by the way I'd not heard of before so thanks for bringing them to my attention) .. rarely would I connect with a runway piece that I would feel I could wear on the street - almost all of these pieces I love and see myself in day to day (or night to night) :)
    Great finds.

    Anna xo