July 30, 2011

Who Wears the Pants With a Skirt On Top?

I decided to do a review on some outfits I stumbled upon here  in Elle's latest edition. I'm a lover of the masculine looks. Pointy shoulders, grandpa cardigans and long baggy trousers. Many women might shy away from wearing more manly man clothing but there is always a way to mix it up with a little femininity. 

I love this animal print blazer paired with these black trousers. This is a strong masculine look. This outfit just jumped off the page to me, seriously I love it!

However, pair that look with this cute Alexander McQueen. This tweed material looks fantastic with the brass knuckles. (Cute but deadly) 

This second look has a great blazer paired with a short vest underneath . Very vintage and what you would have seen men wear in the 1900's. Now we have modernized it into something chic.
That outfit would be paired greatly with these Nicholas Kirkwood sleek patent leather wedges. Man I love them and I'm sure there comfortable and the color, unique.

The last look I found in Elle was this grandpa style. Love the loafers with Herringbone blazer it looks comfortable and easy.

If you want to feminize it just a little. Add these cat eyed Ralph Lauren sunglasses. The animal print pattern gives it a sleek more feminine look. Just a little tone down form the masculine.

You can find all these model looks on Elle.com for the August Edition. Try and experiment with more masculine looks if you already haven't because you never know what kind of style you can create, even with a grandpa sweater and a pair of pumps. :)


  1. I love the masculine style for girls... it's hard to pull off, but when it works, it WORKS! :)

  2. love the androgynous look! and mcqueen clutches.. LOVE