July 02, 2011

One of My Favorate Things

Have you ever had a type of food you eat and then dream about the next time you'll indulge in its deliciousness :) Food that makes you water every time its mentioned and you wouldn't mind gaining some just to have it. Well that's how I feel about Thai spring rolls. I  know it's not like home made lasagna or anything but good Lord this stuff really hits the spot. It's crispy exterior crunches in your mouth, great sound. Then you have it's tender interior with delicious vegetables. To finish that off, the plum sauce. Have mercy that plum sauce. Your mouth will be just bursting with flavor, you just wont know what to do with yourself. Yes these rolls are that good. 

Whats your favorite type of food and do you like to eat Thai? I would love to hear it! It's just one of my favorite things.


  1. I just had thai food last night! I looovee me some pad kee mao noodles :)


  2. they look delicious!but i've never tried them...well my favourite food is pizza <3

  3. I have nearly tried it all, from American,Italian, French,Thai,Vietnamese,Phillipine,Chinese,Korean, West Indian,Indian,Mexican,Peruvian,Panamanian, African....The list goes on and on - I dont have a favorite,but anything spicy-I Love!