July 16, 2011

Just a Quick Snack

I know for lots of you, especially bloggers have busy schedules and not a lot of you time. By the time you get to eat, its well past lunch time and your starving. I hate that feeling but, it stops here. After going to the grocery store, I bought myself some Blueberries's at first for blueberry muffins but an idea came.. aha! a blueberry shake. 

Here are the amount of blueberries I picked for my shake. Always remember to wash your fruits before eating them!

I used 1/2 a cup of milk and 1 cup of low fat Vanilla Yogurt. This really adds the texture to your shake, so you personally can use more or less of what I used. This is a healthier alternative to ice cream as well.

Use your blender and blend until its at the thickness and look you want. 

Voila, here is the delicious indulgence you are about to take part in tasting.

As you can see from my mustache I was super happy on the turn out my shake. I drank this early afternoon and it suppressed my hunger until dinner time around 7. So if your always on the go, you can freeze this and eat it as frozen yogurt or let it thaw and drink it as a shake. It's a nice healthy, sweat as anything snack for the day and if your into getting your daily serving of fruit and dairy, you got it!

Hope you like this!

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