July 12, 2011

Just Chill

Sadly, today is my last day in Chicago, *tear. I've had fun on this trip but today was super excellent when I ate a Belgium chocolate chip waffle with whip cream and then some raspberry tea. It was fantastic. Then my cousin took me shoe shopping at Bare Feet Shoes which have the most stylish shoes for a reasonable price. So I bought these cute leopard skin shiny flats which really made my day. They are so comfortable, in fact I'm wearing them right now as we speak. Ha, I love Chicago.  

Can't ever really go wrong with animal print shoes. It's just what you need to spice up a rather normal outfit.

H&M Purple button up with Aeropastale Bermuda shorts which were on sale for 50% off

IMPACT band from Unique28 

My trip has been amazing and i got some really great clothes and shoes which I shall show you later. Hope your summers are going great and I would love to hear what vacations you've been on that you will never forget.

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  1. Like a BOUSS!!! <3 you Dami glad u havin fun