July 18, 2011

Jordan Askill

I found a fantastic London based jewelry designer which I had to share with you. Jordan Askill will be one designer you won't forget. He creates 3D kinds of jewelry which I personally have never seen before. He adds his architectural skills in his master pieces making his work pleasing to the eye. He uses few colors in his designs but the structure truly speaks for itself. I hope I can one day own one of these beautiful pieces of art. Trust me, he is a force to be reckoned with.

This is one of my favorite pieces, I'm not sure how tom describe it but something about it is truly original.

This head gear is something pretty interesting, something like Lady Gaga would wear!

A statue created

Very simple ring, love the gems and their color. Reminds me almost of my birthstone.

Great designer if I say so myself, hope you liked him and let me know as well.


  1. Wow, amazing pieces! The horse bracelet is truly stunning! xoxoxoo

  2. love them! They are really cool!

    Nice blog, I'm following :)