July 06, 2011

Downtown Chicago

Today was an awesome day, I finally went downtown with my cousin today def a highlight of my trip. We took a train to Millenium Station on Michigan Avenue. Walked to a cool stadium, very dramatic like. Then walked to the infamous "Bean" where you might have seen Kanye West do his Homecoming video. Cool site to see by the way, defiantly check it out if you go to the windy city. I bought some nice stuff at Forever 21 and H&M (which ill show later). By the way if you haven't noticed, this is the time to shop, seriously sales are about. I got this beautiful green dress worth $22.80 for only $10.00. I was more than elated. Also things and H&M are running for $5, $7, $10,$15, and $20, this is serious Sconto (Discount in Italian). 

Forever 21 Plaid top and Shorts
Leather Bag- Italy
Certified Boss Wristband- Unique28.com

Millennium Park

Me and my cousin, adding another print to the Bean.

The Bean...

Downtown Chicago in all it's glory.

Inside the Bean. This looks like a piece of art

A stage in Millennium Park

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Have you ever visited Chicago or been to these places? I would love to know!


  1. These Pictures are lovely!
    i have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award!
    just look at my blog to see what to do!



  2. I am from Chicago.
    I love millennium park. Gorgeous design and landscaping.
    Where else did you go?

  3. Man oh man do I wish I was in Chicago (especially since the Pitchfork Music Festival is this weekend). Cool pictures. And I love your outfit too! Plaid button-ups = amazing!