June 26, 2011

Something Fun To Look At

What helps  you to dress up in the morning? Is it a certain magazine picture or role model? How do you know what colors to choose to match the season? I'm sure I'm not the only one who has had troubles choosing what to wear and also what colors to pick. I have pictures all over my room that I ripped out of magazines to really help me. However I just found it easier to make a collage. In my collage i break it up into tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories and make up. The magazine I chose was Instyle and I felt like choosing lots of blues. So most of my pics are blue shoes, a dress a shirt and jacket. I chose a color opposite to just add a contrast and it was white. Then choose a a pattern like polka dots because that's very summer like and cute. I'm not the one to wear make up often so I just chose a lip gloss, because that's all I wear, very simple. My shoe chosen was just a nice beaded sandal blue beaded and brown sole. The accesories were simple as well. The bangles were of jean material and the ring, a nice dark blue, looks like candy. 

Use every colors you find on your collage. Even from the make up. If it matches on your collage, its most likely going to match on an outfit.

Here is my jacket, this fitted blazer and also this polka dotted pattern dress. It's all cohesive in a way. 

Here are the shoes I chose and also those accessories I was talking about earlier. See, very simple. 

What was your favorite part of the collage and would you consider doing it? Make your own and you will notice, even just the littlest picture will help you in the biggest way.


  1. Love these collages, very inspiring!


  2. very nice collage :) When i was in 6 form i loved doin collages by hand & now at uni we have to use photoshop haha. Buy hand gives a better effect i think :D

  3. Thank you very much :)Collages should inspire you or ateast spark your imagination.

  4. Cute collages!! Nice blog : )