June 14, 2011


When  you are looking for an outfit, you always look for the perfect bag whether it be be big or small. Whether man, women or animal a good bag with great quality is needed and will probably last you a lifetime. I can personally say that Fossil bags are of great quality especially there leather. You can tell by the smell, if that's not to weird. My own fossil over the shoulder bag has put up with me for the past year. Through all seasons and other crap. If you are business women, and yo want to add that "I'm the ish" kind of look, this bag is poifectt. It gives you that serious kind of look, so people have no choice but to respect you. Also it gives you a fashionable look with its medium size and monotone color. As you walk by, people will notice. If you try and go on a brighter side, it comes in more floral colors like purples and oranges.  It's easy access. (Clean) Open, put your belongings inside then close it.

Now, if you want more of a day in the city and a more playful look, handbag purses are the one. Be about it. You don't have to worry much about keeping a bag on your arm, just sling it over your bag and voila, allez viens! Its a little more vintage looking but, vintage is always a good thing. It looks older and there for more classier.  Stay classy, people, just stay classy

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